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The Margate Chamber of Commerce is single-mindedly focused on supporting the needs of our business community by providing networking opportunities, advertising and marketing support, information and referral services within the business community, and representing the voice of the Margate Business Community to the local government.
The Margate Chamber of Commerce is undoubtedly a vehicle to encourage personal business growth, increase local community referrals, and establish powerful business connections. However equally important are the collective benefits the entire Margate Community experiences as a result of increased civic involvement, rigorous dialogue, and collaborative action. Membership in the Chamber is an invitation to reach across multicultural divides and multiple generations to join forces and impact the future of our city in a positive manner. Chamber membership gives you a voice to discuss your hopes for the city, your ideas and concerns regarding the redevelopment of Margate, and suggestions regarding on how to better serve the needs and concerns of the Margate business community.
In these challenging economic times it becomes difficult to hold onto a vision of hope and prosperity but striving towards this vision of a better tomorrow well worth the effort if we are to succeed in building a thriving business community that responds to the needs of its members and the community. We hope that you will share with us your vision of that better tomorrow with the Chamber at upcoming meetings and events.  In doing so you will be encouraging, supporting, and inspiring those who commit themselves to civic involvement, and helping to create a business community that is grounded in hope and personal commitment.
A Note from the Executive Director: 

The very first thing I think about each morning is most definitely  coffee. However shortly thereafter and a very close second is how I can spend my day increasing the value of the Margate Chamber of Commerce for our membership. Simply signing members up and collecting dues is vastly overrated. Instead my goal is create a space where like-minded business people can network, brainstorm, and socialize with one another.

More than anything I believe I have done my job well when I have facilitated a business lead, provided a networking opportunity, answered a nagging question, or even just provoked a genuine smile from one of my members. After all hard work, success, and professional growth are essential in the business community but I see absolutely no reason  we cannot have a great time while pursuing them. Laughter and joy are absolutely essential in my world! Fortunately we have plenty of both here at The Margate Chamber of Commerce! 

I encourage you to get engaged and involved with some of the many events, committees, and activities we offer at the Chamber. We offer monthly membership meetings, lunch and learns, and have a variety of committees you can join to improve your business visibility, increase leadership skills, and contribute to your community. Check out our Calendar of Events to see what is happening in community! It is my most sincere desire to create a dynamic, engaged, and most importantly, enjoyable Chamber that encourages mutual prosperity and social connectedness. 

Thank you, 
Rebecca Case


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